Genderequitable and diverse table soccer figures


Table soccer is a traditionally male-dominated topic associated with pubs, bars and, above all, men. At most table soccers, it’s only male figures on the pitch! We’re changing that: our figures include women, men and non-binary people of different skin colours and religions, finally ensuring diverse foosball fun. Designed by 10 different artists, each figure is a true work of art in itself. With 22 different hashtags, the Spielköpfe table soccer players bring important issues around equality, feminism and anti-racism into your pubs, companies or living rooms – true to the Spielköpfe motto: Playfully into a fairer world.

The aim is to draw attention to discrimination and to bring equality to the gaming table, and thus into people’s everyday lives, and to walk together, step by step, on the path to an open society with less discrimination and unequal treatment.

For each set of figures sold, 11 € will go to WASH projects run by Viva con Agua.

The figure set can be changed and glued on by yourself: Our figures fit perfectly on all Ullrich soccer tables, but also on other tables with a rod diameter of 16 mm. You have to unscrew your old figures, then splint our figures onto them (you can see how to do this here) and then you can stick the figures on yourself.

Scope of delivery: 11 white and 11 black blank figures, 22 cotter pins and 24 gender-appropriate and various stickers (2 spare stickers included).

The figures are made of ABS hard plastic and made in Germany.

You need a whole table? Then have a look here: