Terms of delivery and payment

General information on shipping:

Shipping is uninsured by book and merchandise shipment.

Currently our delivery time is about 7-10 days. Our orders always go out on Tuesdays.

Special instructions for shipping abroad:

For deliveries abroad, customs duties, taxes and fees may apply, which are not included in the total price shown. If you would like to order to one of the countries not listed and to non-European countries, please contact us directly and send your order to shop@spielkoepfe.de

Standard shipping costs

Countries to which shipping takes place:
Standard shipping costs
Germany                  2,90 €
EU                                   3,90 €
worldwide                        5,90 €

Methods of payment

PayPal, Credit Card, Sofort-Überweisung, advanced payment, bill
Dear costumer, 
If you would like to pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal in the next step, where you can process the payment in one of the ways indicated above. Once the required data has been entered there, you will automatically be taken back to this shop to complete the order.
If you want to pay via credit card or Sofortüberweisung, the payment will be handled by Stripe Payments Europe:
The processing of the payment methods credit card payment and SOFORTÜBERWEISNG is carried out in cooperation with Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd, c/o A&l Goodbody, Ifsc, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland (hereinafter: “Stripe”), subject to the Stripe Terms of Use, viewable at https://stripe.com/de/terms, to which the Seller assigns its payment claim. Stripe collects the invoice amount from the customer’s specified credit card account or bank account. In the event of assignment, payment can only be made to Stripe with debt-discharging effect. The credit card will be charged immediately after the customer’s order has been sent in the online shop or within 2 days by SEPA direct debit. The seller remains responsible for general customer enquiries, e.g. regarding the goods, delivery time, dispatch, returns, complaints, revocation declarations and deliveries or credit notes, even if the payment method credit card payment or SOFORT-ÜBERWEISUNG via Stripe is selected.

If you would like to pay in advance, you can select this at the checkout and will then receive an invoice with payment information from us. Shipment will take place after receipt of payment.


If you would like to order on account. Simply write to us at support@spielkoepfe.de