Your branded Cards

Design the back or the packaging according to your wishes!

You want a gift that sets a sign for diversity and against discrimination, for your sports tournament, your raffle or your event? Or your own version of playing cards for your city or company?

Together with you, we design a version according to your ideas! Depending on the amount of cards, we can realize different options. For example, we can brand the back of the cards with your logo or design the packaging according to your ideas. Also for smaller amounts we have solutions for you, e.g. we can brand our Spielköpfe bags to give you an individual gift without big additional costs.

The whole design process we create together and you have the choice if you and your team want to do the design creation or if you want us to make suggestions. Of course, the final decision is up to you.

You wish for a gift with impact? Of course, our donation of 50 cents per game to the Foundation Fund for Civilian Sea Rescue remains of course also with the individual designs. 

Curious and want a first offer or more information? Then just write us a mail to: